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Do You Have Valuable Knowledge that needs to be shared? How about advice that you'd like to give to younger generations?  Specifically to young women? This is your chance...

  1. Think of the information or inspirational message you would most like to share.
  2. Create a 5-15 Minute Video of Your Speech/Presentation Using the Brand Guidelines Provided 
Brand Guidelines


Pivot Talks are events thrown all across CA meant to promote equality, vulnerability, and success within each attendees passion.

Although PIVOT is geared towards women and features primarily women entrepeneurs, anybody who is looking for a kickstart in their business will gain from being there. Our events include speeches from women who have mastered their field, breakout sessions where we go into detail about each person's personal goals, tools to help you pursue your passions, and delicious lunch!


Imagine yourself and your future at 10x what it is now! That is the power of life's PIVOT moments. PIVOT Towards Your Purpose gives you a chance to network with and learn from incredible leaders of our community. This event is great for EVERY WOMAN! It is not just for professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, but the event is for women who want to be the change they want to see in the world. Learn to direct others, but more importantly, learn to drive your own life! As business and personal development strategies become more integrated than ever, it is crucial to look at the alignment of our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, and how they relate to others. At PIVOT, you will learn to utilize your vulnerability to transform fear into power. Let our speakers ignite and inspire you to PIVOT towards your purpose.

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