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Please make sure your video is in accordance with the brand guidelines below. Let us know some basic information about yourself and about your talk. It is important to fill out this information accurately. We will be reaching out to you if your video makes the cut!

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Video Recording Guidelines
Below are suggestions for how to capture videos for CORE from events, education, testimonials, etc.
Ideally we want 10-15 minutes of video to be shared
  1. Use available light when possible, windows, lamps, etc, so people’s faces are lit well
  2. If available light is poor, use other lighting to highlight the speaker
  3. Position the speaker in the light, so their face is clearly seen
  4. Try not to backlight the subject directly, or they will be too dark
  1. Do your best to capture clean audio, so shoot in a quiet space 
  2. Get close enough to the speaker to hear them clearly or use a microphone
  3. Built-in camera mics are usually terrible, so be forewarned!
  4. Use a wired or wireless lavalier (or equivalent quality) mic when possible, connected into the camera directly

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